Thursday, August 22, 2013

AUGUST MOON 2013 (Day #2): Transitioning into a new season

TRANSITIONS.  Along the north end of St. Catherine's Island, Georgia, you can see a relict marsh eroding out of the beach. Contrast this with a green living marsh in the background. All of us are changing all of the time. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for TRANSITIONING into a new season of self. I am SUMMER ever so tenderly tiptoeing into FALL. I'm the perfect--mid-fifties--to proclaim a seasonal TRANSITION.

"How do you intend to transition into the new season?" --August Moon '13 question from Kat and Meredith (blogging for 11 continuous days).

AT THE WHEEL OF THE GATOR. The vehicles for researchers on St. Catherine's Island are these small green open air cars called "gators." Here I am commanding the open unpaved roads in the maritime forest. (photo by Tony Martin)
As I TRANSITION into the autumnal season, I intend to move creatively and joyfully. As a woman in the prime of her life, I am a seasoned driver. With all my experience and skills, the future excites me. I plan on dancing each and every day of it as I make use of my wisdom.

DANCING EACH AND EVERY DAY. St. Catherine's Island allows many opportunities for dancing joyfully. (photo by Tony Martin)

When considering  a TRANSITION  into a new season, part of my reflection includes the question, "What is my destination?"

For the FALL of my life,  I plan on my destination being a deepening of my SOUL and an expanding connection with my community through meaningful interactions. And I will test the hypothesis: DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW.
GRATITUDE.  I am so grateful for the beauty and peace that nature brings. Thank you St. Catherine's Island for all aspects of your wilderness and life giving forces.(photo by Hallelujah Truth)

As I journey from SUMMER to FALL, I need to remember to enact the following practices: 

1) Embrace the fear. Be curious. Learn from what frightens me.  
2) Move creatively. Listen to "what my body wants" and do that!
3) Seek the pleasure in each event. Where is the fun in this?
4) Reflect
5) Experience and express gratitude
SUN SETTING ON THE SUMMER.  Endings are often sad, but I am so excited about this TRANSITION of seasons in my life. (photo by Tony Martin)


  1. I especially like the first and last photos in this blog. Beautiful metaphors for change, with you in the closing transitioning shot.

    1. Dear SEE SEE, I am so glad you "get" my metaphors of change. You have one of the most poetically visual minds I know.

  2. I read this and all I can think is YES!
    It's a privilege to watch you soar, my friend.

    1. Soaring is so much more fun when shared Kat! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.