Tuesday, August 27, 2013

AUGUST MOON 2013 (Day #7): Opportunities created by blogging!

Hallelujah for blogging! Yes, hallelujah! Let's celebrate the OPPORTUNITIES or benefits created by blogging! Today, for the August Moon 2013 (Day #7) prompt--OPPORTUNITIES--I am writing about the blogging workshop for artists given by serial entrepreneur and professional blogger, John Saddington at C4 Atlanta.
JOHN SADDINGTON. WOW! What a kind, articulate genius! I had the OPPORTUNITY to spend my morning with John at C4 Atlanta for a blogging workshop for artists. Here is a link (and the source of this photo) to an interview with John about professional blogging.
 As a blogging artist, I have written more than 300 blog entries since I started my blog, Coffee With Hallelujah, 4 years ago. That's nothing in comparison to John Saddington who has been blogging for 13 consecutive years and writes more than 3,000 blogging words a day. If you are an aspiring blogger, John has written extensively on blogging. You can find his useful materials here.

The first part of John's talk pulled me in. How do I benefit from blogging? What OPPORTUNITIES are opened to me because of writing my blog, Coffee with Hallelujah?

Writing and publishing your blog posts frequently connects you with all sorts of people. Some are familiar--family and friends. Others, perhaps many, are new. And connections with these new people create unforeseen OPPORTUNITIES for you.
Writing a blog give you the OPPORTUNITY to develop your authority on a subject. Over time by writing and publishing frequently (every day?), you become an expert. 

Through connections with people and the authority you develop, bloggers create the OPPORTUNITY to move out into the world, one of concrete spaces, where work can be done, coffee consumed, friendships forged, interviews given, or office space found.

Sharing your expertise in the form of speaking engagements can come directly through blogging consistently. People give you the OPPORTUNITY to share in person the knowledge you have been writing about.
THE ARTIST'S BLOG: YOUR COMMUNICATION STRATEGY.  I had the OPPORTUNITY to talk with John Saddington before he began his presentation and was impressed by his humility and interest in my own blogging endeavors. Yes, I was surprised to learn what an expert he is in the blogging domain, but he is also an artist and engineer creating all kinds of things for clients. (photo by Hallelujah Truth at C4 Atlanta)
You have created an area, a domain, where you can display your knowledge on a subject. You have the OPPORTUNITY to deepen your understanding of a specific area through your blogging frequently about it.

Your blog is a "bank" for your fans. It serves as a resource for people who want to know more about what you do. Your blog entries show the work you have been doing. Blogging gives you OPPORTUNITIES to expand and do more based on the experience you have acquired by developing domain expertise.

Blogging provides the OPPORTUNITY to brand yourself. Through persistent writing and publishing blogs, you have the perfect communication medium for establishing who you are and what you think.

Blogging opens unforeseen OPPORTUNITIES. Perhaps you will be asked to make a film, illustrate a story, get commissioned to paint, or create a new product! Who knows?  

Well that's it for the OPPORTUNITIES created by blogging. John Saddington closed by giving the following advice: 
  • Blog for 15 minutes every day (sound familiar?)
  • Schedule a time to blog each day and stick to it
  • Build a habit
  • Know blogging is an investment 
QUESTIONS? Part of a good presentation is allowing enough time for questions. And C4 Atlanta brings together some pretty interesting creatives to discuss blogging.  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

THAT'S COFFEE WITH HALLELUJAH!  Soul blog with me and tell me what OPPORTUNITIES are in your life right now!


  1. I read most of his article. It was very informative especially if you are doing it to make money but I did like the last part of it

    *Blog for 15 minutes every day (sound familiar?)
    *Schedule a time to blog each day and stick to it
    *Build a habit
    *Know blogging is an investment

    I think this pertains to about anything you do. Great advise...Thanks for reminding me..

  2. You are so right Darlene! Those are rules for life!