Saturday, February 22, 2014

REPETITION IN THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE: Seeking a shift in the way of being

GROUNDED IN SELF.  (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for The Daily Creative Practice! Hallelujah for finding a way to walk the path of one's own imagination to creating health for the bodyspirit with ease!

For me The Daily Creative Practice is a form of meditation that supports many other creative endeavors in my life. Drawing along with my cup of coffee brings me joy and focus in all that I do. I continue to be thankful for this blog, Coffee With Hallelujah, as way to nurture myself and my creative life.

This morning, I was focusing on the themes of "love, serenity, clarity, and joy" and "honor thy strength and love thy temple." Because of some health issues I have encountered, I am exploring new ways to envision my mental and physical well being--merging them together into the BODYSPIRIT with ease!

When I begin to meditate on and draw a new theme, I allow myself to start with the familiar, always returning to what I know to be true. My drawing hand holds memory of the images that nurture me and name who I am. 

Drawing regularly expresses the way I learn and manage information--through physicality. Through daily repetition of the physical expression, I begin to move in the direction of my thoughts. Some times something "new" visits me! A new shape, symbol, color emerges on the surface before me. Some times, the image remains familiar, an old friend greeting me.

Here, in the images that you see on this blog entry an "old friend" has returned, and I have used the most basic tools: mixed media paper and watercolor pencils. Then I have altered this one image in Photoshop to experiment with three different ways of seeing myself.  
I am surprised how there is a central image in my repertoire of art making. This portrait doesn't look very far removed from one of my very first paintings when I was working on a series of Medusas, for me symbols of transformation. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)

For now, I am seeking a shift in the way of being...increasing ease and joy, and am open to experiencing grace. I am asking to be healthy, healed, and whole!
My hair energy sings of love, serenity, clarity, and joy. I honor my strength and love my temple (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and let me know about your Daily Creative Practice. Why do you make art? How do you move yourself forward when you are inviting a positive change into your bodyspirit?


  1. "Hair energy sing of love, serenity, clarity and joy" love that Ruth. Am borrowing it to affirm same for my hair, life and creative expression today. Make Art.Live Peace.

  2. Callahan! Thank you so much for sharing my song for love, serenity, clarity and joy! Yes Sister! Let's make art and live our peace! Hugs!