Thursday, December 17, 2015

REVERB15 (Day 17): Purple crayon blessing

GROWING PEACE FOR 2016. Using a purple watercolor crayon and pencil, I began growing peace for 2016 through my drawing and painting. Peace is something I would love to CREATE for us all in 2016. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for the BLESSINGS that our IMAGINATIONS bring! What does the color purple stimulate in your imagination? What would you CREATE for 2016 with the swoosh of a purple crayon as Kat McNally's prompt below invites us to do?

REVERB15 (Day 17) Prompt: "One of my daughter’s favourite books is the American classic Harold and the Purple Crayon. If you haven't had the good fortune to come across it, it’s about a little lad called Harold, whose magical purple crayon enables him to create the world around him. Whenever I read it to her as a bedtime story, I spend the rest of the evening pondering what I would create if I had a magical purple crayon of my own. Imagine one such crayon would be bestowed upon you on New Year’s Eve 2015: what would you draw to ensure 2016 had everything you need?" --Kat McNally

As 2016 looms in front of me, I hunger for PEACE. Personal peace. Spousal peace. Familial peace. Peace in my local community of Decatur, Georgia. Peace expanding out to the entire state of Georgia, the southeast, and all of the United States of America. Can my purple crayon draw WORLD PEACE
PEACE IN PROGRESS. I wonder if we all began to imagine peace, sing peace, draw peace, and dance peace. If we could CREATE more of it in 2016? The act of creating is a valid and worthwhile act, enough in and of itself.
When I think of the BLESSINGS of the IMAGINATION and the opportunity this REVERB15 prompts give me to create, my HEART goes immediately to this topic:

A "Purple Crayon Blessing" for creativity in my life and that of everyone in 2016 is the word ENOUGH. What and who you are is ENOUGH. Therefore, what you CREATE is ENOUGH. 


What you CREATE does NOT need to meet any of the following outcomes:

BE GOOD. According to your or anyone's else sense of aesthetic, the work you create does not have to be named "worthy." It has merit because you made it, and you are ENOUGH.

BECOME A PRODUCT. Your ACT of CREATING something is something to be celebrated. I invite you to celebrate BEING PRESENT in your life with the dance of your bodyspirt. Please accept the permission to let CREATING BE CREATING. The ACT does not have to result into a product that you submit to a show or journal or sell. 

BE COMPLETE. Your CREATIVE ACT does not need to be finished. EVER. What you make in the MOMENT is ENOUGH.
Yes! In addition to PEACE and CREATIVE ACTS BEING ENOUGH, I yearn for other purple crayon blessings:

One hundred percent health
Meaningful relationships
Meaningful work that brings an abundance of wealth
Getting paid to play

That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me. I appreciate your support of my purple crayon imaginings and want to know about yours.
REACHING FOR PEACE. I will post this work in progress. As I am called out into the day, I wish you "purple crayon blessings." May you CREATE today a little more easefully and joyfully than if you had not visited me here at "Coffee with Hallelujah." (Art by Hallelujah Truth)


  1. thanks for asking, ruth. i am following your reverb blog and i am loving it. your questions and art and guest artists resonate with me and speak to me personally and motivate me to slow down and respond to them. i think i am in a period of creating with my "magic purple crayon" as you call it, so everything i am creating seems purple, magical, alchemical. like your painting here. i think it's coming from the personal transformation i am going through which has probably been initiated by a deeper and clearer connection to my higher being (which is a higher me), now that i have let go of searching for "being higher" through the use of outer substances and things. i now yearn to create from that clarity and higher vision. actually, i love magenta, a version of purple, and i think i will meditate on a magenta creation for one of my 11 days of creativity challenge. i love the word magenta. and the color magenta. i wrote a color" poem once when i thought i was falling in love. perhaps i will revisit and recompose and reimagine it, now that i am my higher me.

    1. Dear Alicia! Thank you for taking the time (slowing down) to support and affirm a fellow artist! It is important to resonate with one another through communications. Magenta is magic. I went through a period of painting when that was my go to color to begin and finish every image with. It is so richly passionate. Yes to continuous evolutions and experiences with heights. Big Love!

    2. thanks, ruth. i'm feeling you are the creator-mentor i have been asking for. namaste and love to you. inshiradu

  2. This is a purple crayon blessing indeed Hallelujah! Yes to Peace, and all the ways we can invoke it in 2016! And yes to celebrating the act of creating as enough! And yes to the other things you've called forward with you magic crayon. Bring them on 2016!

    1. Yes Deborah! Bring on our Purple Magic Blessings. I count your presence and expansive creativity among my blessings during this REVERB15. I hope we continue to intersect in our InterPlay creativity lives.