Thursday, December 1, 2011



Is NATURE that phenomenon you experience while riding a horse on the beach at sunrise? Is it the feeling of your thighs gripping the saddle of a large warm moving beast, as the wind brushes your face and you look off into the horizon of the endless ocean? The FOUR WALLS of CIVILIZATION have disappeared, and you can smell the rich organics simmering from the nearby marsh and maritime forest. You take a DEEP BREATH and your BODY and BEING fold into the rhythm of the horse’s steps, and you feel you are one with something greater than yourself, which you can only call NATURE.

I call this experience of NATURE, the exalted, romanticized state. It is real, and it is wonderful—NATURE tasted on a large scale of muted horizontal planes of sandy shore, gray blue water, endless expanse of sky. But how often can any of us city-bound folks get to a beach, one that has horse rentals, arise before dawn to go to the stables, and be lead out in a string of horses steady and patient availing themselves to their riders’ AT-ONENESS-WITH-NATURE?
MARCRO-LEVEL NATURE. Muted horizontal planes at Jekyll Island, November 2011. BIG, BREATHTAKING! (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

As bi-peds, we tend to imbibe NATURE at a MACRO-LEVEL, towering above the ground, looking off to horizons, chasing clouds and birds with our mighty glance. How AWESOME is that? Especially when we can “enhance” our presence in NATURE and ability to observe it by straddling a quadruped, a bike, or getting in some contrivance that can help us move rapidly through NATURE and far above it at an observational level? How GRAND and GREAT is MOTHER NATURE?

Then there is the MICRO-LEVEL at which we can relate to NATURE. Going small. Falling to the EARTH, holding it, patting it, putting seeds in it, and watching green LIFE emerge. Oh the critters on small multiple legs that cross our paths before our eyes when we join forces with the EARTH and ask HER to assist us in GROWING something, anything! Or when we kneel on that sandy beach, as if in prayer, to examine and snails moving in shallow tidal pools.
MICRO-LEVEL NATURE. Chiboogamoo stops to examine and photograph snails in a tidal pool on the north end of Jekyll Island, Georgia. Behind him are Pilgrims on horses viewing nature at a macro-level. (Photo by Hallelujah Truth)
SNAIL TRAILS. In the tidal pool is a micro world of pathways and journeys! (Photo by Chiboogamoo)

TRACEMAKING SNAIL. Seeing from the perspective of kneeling on the EARTH opens new worlds and new pilgrims! (Photo by Chiboogamoo)

NATURE to me is the LIFE surrounding us on a MACRO and MICRO level. When we stop to recognize ALL that is THRIVING in the WORLD we live in, we too become NATURE! Hallelujah! 

That is COFFEE WITH HALLELUJAH! SOUL BLOG with me about your relationship with NATURE. And join me to write every day during the last month of 2010! I will be posting a new topic each day. Participate in Hallelujah Truth’s REVERB11.

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