Tuesday, July 10, 2012


AT THE DOOR OF PLAY (Art by Hallelujah)
Dear PILGRIMS, I am thinking about PLAYFULNESS as a practice for BEING. On Saturday night, July 7th, 2012, my Chiboogamoo and I witnessed a masterful musician PLAY on the stage at Balzer Theatre in Atlanta.

Klimchak, both a composer and performer, moved on the stage from instrument to instrument in a way that one might stroll in the park, find a flower and smell it, and then toss a rock in the pond to see it skip along the surface. This Atlanta artist has made it his goal to relax on stage...to PLAY and BE PRESENT to his CREATIVITY.

Observe Klimchak in this video I took of him performing his water-themed composition.

After the performance, I commented on my fascination with his ease and comfort on the stage and how that aspect of his work entertained me as much as the music he CREATED. Klimchak smiled and quickly affirmed that being relaxed and PLAYFUL on the stage was something he had strived for!

Yes PILGRIMS, I am smiling at the thought of WORKING AT PLAY! Yes, let's play today and again tomorrow in speaking the language of our SOULS. I recognized something about my own creative process as I watched Klimchak pick up an instrument, play it, put it down, and move to the next instrument. At one point, he excused himself from the stage to wash his hands, so he could make guacamole for the after-performance party. He returned to use chopping knives as  percussion instruments! LOVELY! PLAYFUL!

I, too, strive to PLAYFULLY create, leaning into my HEART. Listening, I take dictation with my pen and craft images that inevitably surprise me, speak to me, and move me forward or stir my BEING.

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! PILGRIMS, how will you PLAY today? Share your play with me by soul blogging! 

INVERTED HALLELUJAH AT THE DOOR OF PLAY. Playing is sometimes a butterfly that I chase. I run to the door and pause at the threshold. The butterfly goes through, but I stop. I am present to my creative process...and I repeat the words: Not Good. Not Bad. Just Is. This drawing was the focus of my play two mornings in a row. I struggled with the bird, my pen moving awkwardly, creating lines I was not intending. What is a pilgrim to do? I continue to walk the path of mystery. Always aiming to play, some times EFFORTING, and essentially BEING ME!

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