Monday, December 24, 2012


MY FATHER REMEMBERED. (photo by Lynn Schowalter Schreiner)
Hallelujah for our fathers and the legacies they leave us. Although my father, Edward R. Schowalter, died nine years ago, his heroism lives on, not to mention a daughter's love--mine--Hallelujah's!

Today, Christmas Eve, is his birthday, and he would have been 85. Just three days ago, his memory was honored at Ft. Benning, Georgia, when they named a building after him that is serving the purpose of training military leaders. It has been named "Schowalter Hall."

MY PROUD MOTHER.  My mother attended the dedication ceremony of Schowalter Hall along with my sister Lynn, her husband, George, brothers Bill and Ned, and his daughter Katherine. (photo by Lynn Schowalter Schreiner)
The heroism my father displayed during his military career won him many medals, among them being the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award a soldier can receive.

LOOKING TO THE PAST AND FUTURE. My brother Ned who is named after my father and an army Colonel, sits next to my mother at the dedication ceremony.(photo by Lynn Schowalter Schreiner)
I grew up the daughter of a war hero. It was a life filled with honor and a strong love of country. Peering into the future, I ask myself what is the legacy of heroism my father left to me. 

I know one answer: I must live my life with courage as he did.

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! Happy Birthday Dad! You are remembered.

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