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#REVERB12 (Day 8): What was the most important relationship that you fostered in 2012?

MAKE NEW FRIENDS. KEEP THE OLD. ONE IS SILVER, THE OTHER GOLD. Our dear experienced and well-traveled Paleontologist Barbie (left) made new friends in 2012 with another Paleontologist Barbie (right). Currently the seasoned paleontologist is breaking in her new assistant and fostering good cheer. Here they are pictured at a local bar in Decatur, Georgia. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Considering the idea that nothing lasts forever: what was the most important relationship that you fostered in 2012? How will you continue to nurture it in 2013?

Hallelujah for FOSTERING friendships! 2012 was one of going deeper into existing relationships along with the surprise of meeting someone entirely new and falling deeply into a new way of relating! Let me tell you about three percolating relationships (And old friends you are like gold, so don't be hurt if you aren't mentioned here.)! 


Let me introduce you to dear Jesse, who I have been circling around in a friendship dance for five years or more. Jesse and I have begun to exchange ideas about how to spend more time together. We want to FOSTER our FRIENDSHIP, for we share a love of art making, gardening, board game playing, and walking.

She has taught me the concept of finding intriguing fun events, buying tickets to those events if necessary and inviting a friend to share it. 

For example, in the past year, Jesse invited me to join her for a documentary at the Carter Center on Happiness, to play dominoes, and to walk the Atlanta Beltline, to name a few of the activities.

FOSTERING a friendship with her has taken time because of our busy lives but moved forward in a meaningful way in 2012 as I became aware that I need to reciprocate Jesse's efforts. That a good friendship has, at its foundation, mutuality ! Thank you Jesse!


Then in 2012, I learned more about Elise after we had the opportunity to coach one another in the Artist Conference Network. Although we met about two years ago, we really didn't know each other. But MAGIC happened. FOSTERING took place!

We began to exchange our twenty-minute coaching calls for meeting at a local cafe for hours to show our artwork and to get to know another better after coaching.

Lingering over coffee, I was pulled into Elise's deep intensity and gained an even stronger appreciation for her thoughtfulness and ideas. 

In addition to her art, Elise has a passion for thrift stores and second hand shops, and I have become the beneficiary of red Dansko clogs for ten dollars, two shirt jackets, and two boxes that I keep my 6" x 8" artwork in!


Finally, I must mention Judith a brand new shiny FRIEND in 2012! I met her for the first time in March and fell in BIG LOVE. She attended the Artist Conference Weekend, and after two days of sharing artistic visions and developing goals for our creative work, I knew that Judith and I had to FOSTER a FRIENDSHIP. It was as if we had always known each other.

We had the good fortune of coaching with one another for three months following the conference weekend, and her ability to find the 10-year-old storyteller within herself captured my heart and soul. 

We met for a couple of meals to expand our relationship, went to see Rua Wulf at the Goat Farm here in Atlanta (I blogged about it here). I was hooked by Judith's joyfulness, contagious laughter, and often proclamation of "yummy, yummy, yummy!"

Recently, when Judith moved to Helen, Georgia, for work, my Chiboogamoo and I went to visit her. I plan on FOSTERING this FRIENDSHIP for years to come!

IN CONCLUSION. 2012 has been kind to me regarding relationships. FOSTERING FRIENDSHIPS have been fun and meaningful. Thank you Jesse, Elise, and Judith! Thank ALL of YOU, who are my FRIENDS and let's be sure to keep FOSTERING what we love in one another and in ourselves!

Remember this: 

Make new friends. 
Keep the old. 
One is silver. 
The other gold.

SILVER AND GOLD. Here are some of my dear friends when we walked the Atlanta Beltline in October 2012 (read my blog about it, here). Pictured left to right: Cecelia, Lesly, Jesse, and Elise.  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

THANKS TO KAT MCNALLY for HOSTING REVERB12 Hurray for Kat who lives in Melbourne, Australia, and blogs at "I Saw You Dancing." and is hosting Reverb12. Pilgrims, I suggest you go there and sign up to blog with others from around the world!

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  1. This summer I nurtured an old relationship with Susan Farrow who lives in Castleton Vermont. We worked together in a design firm in Rutland Vermont in 1978 and 1979 before I moved away from VT. She is quiet, a deep listener, a painter and sculptor who seeks life's meaning through her work. Her husband Patrick, a sculptor and brother of the actress Mia Farrow passed away two years ago. Susan keeps their joint studio open as well as creating her own work.