Friday, December 28, 2012

#REVERB12 (Day 28): How did you overcome fear in 2012? HOWLING AND FRIENDING THE FEAR

#REVERB12 (Day 28) PROMPT: Think of three things that daunted you in 2012: how are you going to work towards overcoming them in 2013?
LURKING FEARS ARE LIKE WILD ANIMALS. Hallelujah for wildlife like this bobcat that my Chiboogamoo and I saw crossing our path yesterday (December 27) at Hastings Reserve in Carmel Valley, California! What a beauty! Our fears dash around in our peripheral view just like these wild animals that want to be left alone to thrive. Yet our fears, unlike wild animals, must be observed, perhaps caught, named, and dealt with. (photo by Chiboogamoo and photoshopped by Hallelujah)

Hallelujah PILGRIMS, Hallelujah for the CREATIVE JOURNEY and all of its WILD BEASTS that howl and scream! I am reminded of Maurice Sendak's book, Where the Wild Things Are. For me, the book and then the 2009 movie especially were all about engaging with our fears, some from childhood, some acquired along our journey, and others just plain old PRIMAL FEAR and expressing them, reveling with them, and BEING them (see my blog, Howl: Where the Wild Things Are).
JOURNEYING INTO THE SOUL. The walk we take into our creative selves, means confronting our fears--those mongering saboteurs who tell us we can't meet the challenge we see before us, we aren't talented enough or don't have a viable idea. Can you see me in the center of this photo?(photo by Chiboogamoo on the Hastings Reserve)
For three years since I started this blog, I have "efforted" (as my Korean English language students say) in battling my FEARS. I love my beastly fears and monster saboteurs because they are part of the JOURNEY of the Spiritual Art Pilgrim. When "THEY" are surrounding me and chanting and beating drums, I howl with them and lift my feet in rhythm with theirs! I become the FEAR with them!

I belly howl, 
I be the howl, 
I see the howl, 
I hear the howl, 
I hop the howl
...and then...

I have become the FEAR EXPERT. I can name them and in doing so, I can ask them to leave or join me on my journey. 


That is Coffee with HOWL-a-lujah! Soul blog with me and tell me about your FEARS and what you think about my FEAR FRIENDING system. 

A GOOD MARRIAGE STAVES OFF THE WILD ANIMALS OF THE SOUL. (photo by Sandy Voegeli in Carmel Valley, Hastings Reserve, Poison Oak Trail)
 A BEAUTY IN NATURE. I wish I can dance with this bobcat my Chiboogamoo and I spotted on the Hastings Reserve! (photo by Chiboogamoo)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: As always, thanks to Kat at "I Saw You Dancing," for managing #REVERB12.

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