Thursday, October 17, 2013

BLOGTOBERFEST13 (Day 17) Emerging from the egg exhausted, super American oystercatcher!

EMERGING FROM THE EGG. As the baby American oystercatcher "cracks" its way out of the egg using its "egg tooth," it appears all at once to have outgrown the egg casing. Ta da! Super American Oystercatcher! Based on a photo from Jen Hilburn. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)Add caption

Hallelujah for time. Time to turn, turn, turn and then emerge at the exact right time...TA DA! It seems like a miracle to burst open into a new life. 

Yes, but "rebirth" is an option for all of us if we choose to be born again. What does that mean to you? What would you like to EMERGE from and into? 

EXHAUSTED BABY AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHER. Actually, after cracking out of the egg, baby American oystercatchers are just plain old exhausted. Their feathers are wet and they dry while the newly hatched bird rests and gets its first view of the world. Based on a photo from Jen Hilburn. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
For Blogtoberfest13, I pledged to tell the story of the American oystercatcher's life-cycle in image, relying on my collaboration with Jen Hilburn, ornithologist on St. Catherines Island, Georigia, who is providing the words. We are now past the mid-month. And I am still working on the images of egg emergence. Will I complete the series of the American oystercatcher's life by the end of October? How should I think about this challenge?

Today in my creative practice, I took a stand (Artist Conference Network language) to be EMERGENT JOYFUL LIFE. How wonderful is that? A stand represents an "inventive" use of language. Using language inventively gives us Creative People momentum--a place to go, a destination, an egg to hatch out of.

Below is an image I have posted before on this blog.  It is one of many images of my persona, Hallelujah Truth (black-white polka-dotted dress), depicted supervising other parts of my psyche. In this case, THE GREAT MYSTERY or MOTHER is inside a pineapple-looking egg.

LIFE IS CONSTANT. WE ARE LIVING NOW. HALLELUJAH! NOW IS ENOUGH--Inside or outside of the EGG! What do you think?
INSIDE THE EGG (Art by Hallelujah Truth)

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