Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CHANGE IS AFOOT!: Honoring a transformative dream through image and word

Hallelujah for blogging and making art! Hallelujah for Blogtoberfest13 and intentionality! Dear fellow pilgrims, I discovered something on this second day of blogging continuously through the month of October--that by setting an intention, other ideas and images compete to be born!

So while I plan to create ongoing images of the American Oystercatcher (as expressed in Day 1: Blogtoberfest 13), today, a dream I had several nights ago urged me to document it in my Hallelujah Truth way. I drew this image on 5" x 8" media paper in micron pen, then scanned it and filled it with color using photoshop.

No need to "retell" the dream using words since I have documented it through image. But I will share with you the "take-away" value the dream had for me!


Perhaps before "building" something new, the old "buildings" need to be torn asunder. Demolition comes in surprising forms--a blimp, here, knocking down buildings in the Atlanta skyline. Now, that captured my attention.
A BLIMP KNOCKING DOWN THE ATLANTA SKYLINE.  (Dreams often use shocking symbols to catch your attention so you will remember them in the morning.) (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Yes, I experienced fear in this dream, or was it a nightmare? Everything I have been reading about transformation, growing, changing, and moving into a new stage of life addresses this emotion: FEAR. And the advice given? Is to surrender to this strong emotion, letting it envelop you. In the end, it will take less energy than fleeing from it. And, possibly, or magically, the FEAR will become something else. Relief. Mourning. Appreciation....something other than fear. 

Another important aspect of this dream was this image: 
MOTHER. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
As I fled the burning city of Atlanta (this is evoking Gone with the Wind for me), I scooped up my mother and took her with me in my arms, cradling her, protecting her. She was ancient and wise and needed to be saved by me!

Finally, dear pilgrims, what does this all mean for me? In summary:

-Change is afoot
-The old is crumbling
-The new has yet to be constructed
-I have felt the fear
-I have saved the mother
-Tomorrow is another day!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what you think my dream means. Or tell me what you think about dreams in general. Do you record your dreams? Do you interpret them?


  1. Wow! Such a great visual of your dream. I think you did a great job interpreting your dream and am so glad you shared it with us.

  2. Thanks Christine for SOUL BLOGGING with me. I respect your opinion and that excites me that you agree with me!

  3. Wow! Yes, powerful dream AND created image, evokes much for me if it were My dream. In my dream, in addition to your already shared responses of the old/new/destruction/ and saving Mother....I am curious about the buildings, toppled not destroyed, looking more like facades than buildings. What masculine parts of me are being pushed over by something 'soft' feminine like a blimp...the contrast of the roundy :-) and pointy in this visual. A blimp is full of air, I wonder about its power (able to topple) that is about air/Breath...without the Violence of a hard plane. Some part of me (full of air? OR full of Ruach?! I dont know!) is able to topple what is a facade, and in it I become ever more connected/protective of the Mother. Thats if it was my dream :-) what strikes. I love how you work with color, and each hue is a bit different story... Thanks for sharing, ruth!!

    1. Dear Curious ( I know who you are by the way!), it has taken a couple of days to take in your additional insights about my dream. I am so impressed how deeply you went into the imagery of my dream. In terms of the masculine/feminine dichotomy, I am very interested in using the energy of both, but perhaps at this time, really need to focus on trusting the fuzzy, soft, intuition instead of the charge ahead direction. I feel honored that you took the time to leave such a well thought out dream interpretation for me. Thank you!

  4. I don't remember my dream from last night, which I generally do, but just when I went to bed and started to relax and fall asleep I had images pop up in the form of a 'movie' going in my head. Not a pleasant one but very strong and frightful images ... the time frame was the early Christians and the lions..the movie would not stop but just continued..on and on....I tried to stop it by thinking back to why it was happening and then must have fallen asleep...First thing I thought of this morning were those images in the form of a movie...I am trying to analyze them to see what message they are giving me since I feel all dreams are messages...

    I enjoyed reading your blog and love the way you depicted it with the images...Very intense, Have you ever delved into the meaning of dreams? It is different for everyone...My thought is that you seem to be at a crossroad right now and it seems the old is falling away, but not disappearing, making room for the new...But you seem to be keeping some of the familiar with you in the form of the 'mother image'..How exciting for you. Dreams are so interesting...

    1. Darlene! What an interesting dream you had about lions and Christians! What is going on in your life right now that is causing such a ferocious kind of event in your dreams? Are you the Christians fighting until death for their beliefs or are you the lion chewing up those with beliefs? Or something else?

      In answer to your question about working with dreams--the answer is a resounding "YES"! Hallelujah for dreams! I love them and feel fortunate that I have studied mine since my early 20's when an older friend recommended that I read the book DREAM POWER. I then became a Jungian, reading works of Jung and many books written by scholars of Jung. I credit my dream work for being the reason I went from writing poetry to painting--to give life to the visions I had in dreams. I have been enjoying my life more ever since. My art is made of dream and vision.

  5. I love the powerful dream imagery. Your face is so serene while the world behind
    comes crashing down. Glad Mom got saved. More to come from her I'm sure.