Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BLOGTOBERFEST13 (Day 22) A nest of American oystercatcher eggs

A NEST OF POSSIBILITIES! (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for SYMBOLS! Hallelujah for LIFE! Hallelujah for finding symbols that signify or mark what you find important in your life!

As many of my readers already know, I am blogging every day of October and working towards depicting the life-cycle of the American oystercatcher in images while collaborating with ornithologist Jenifer Hilburn, who works on St. Catherines Island, Georgia, and is telling this shorebird's story in words.

At the same time as I draw these birds, I am also generating "new" symbols to express what is going on in my life as a 55-year-old who has left her teaching job of twenty years and is bounding toward something altogether different  for  a  career. 

Therefore, while this image represents several important "ideas" specifically about young, hatching American oystercatchers, it also represents MOI!

But first, what does this image succeed in communicating about the real-life bird? 

1. Pattern on the egg shell
2. Beak with "egg tooth"
3. Eye size
4. Overall "goofiness" of the young bird
5. Wet feathers in the process of drying
6. Helplessness/vulnerability
7. American oystercatchers can lay up to four eggs

Then how does this image represent me?

1.  The configuration of the eggs in a "cross" pattern denotes a "crossroads" of sorts. At the center of the crossroads is infinity of possibilities (see the additional eggs there at the center). North, South, East, and West are represented.  I am at that delightful place of going in any direction I choose. Something is both inviting and daunting. 

2. Cracking out of an old way of being (more than 20 years of teaching) is exhausting. I am tired, vulnerable and feeling entirely goofy.

3. The all-seeing eye is watching, looking beyond the present and past physical reality. This is the intuitive eye.

It is through my art making that I maintain a sense of my SELF, even as I change. That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what you think of my image and interpretation. What does this image say to you?

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  1. Isn't it exciting to be at a crossroads at this time when you can have the option of going in any direction that pleases you. It is a scary place to be for sure but how absolutely exciting! Nothing can be more boring,in my opinion, as a future written in stone...Enjoy your journey!