Friday, March 14, 2014

#C4ward March Blogathon (Day 14): Photograph Friday--Artist in my city, Decatur, Atlanta, and beyond

KNOWLEDGE AND WONDER. A public work in Chicago by Kerry James Marshall (1995) Chicago, exhibited in the show "35 Years of Public Art" in the Chicago Cultural Center, 2014.
Hallelujah for Photograph Friday and saying it all with images! Hallelujah for the theme of "Artists in the City" (see complete prompt below). I hope you enjoy the photos I selected randomly that capture a portion of the glorious life I lead in Atlanta. More shall be revealed another time!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me! Take me to your blog and photos of your arts communities.

PHOTO FRIDAY! "Artist in Your City"

C4ward March Blogathon: Day 14 Prompt

Like last Friday, today is PHOTO FRIDAY. Give yourself permission on PHOTO FRIDAY  to write nothing or something. It is up to you! Part of blogging every day is finding ways to make it sustainable. Having one day or more out of every week that requires only photos can provide a much needed break from using words.

Use 5 to 7 photographs (fewer or more if you want) to show and tell about yourself as an “Artist in Your City.” When you travel outside your workspace, how does the artist in your get expressed?

  • Where do you journey in your community as an artist?
  • Where are you exhibiting, performing, or selling your work?
  • How do you appear (attire, attitude, and ambition)?
  • Are you working at another job to support your art making?
  • What places do you frequent most often in your community? Why?
  • Do you support other artists at their events?
  • Who is in your community that you want to connect with?
  • Who cultivates the artist in you?
  • Where do you go to relax and regenerate your creative spirit?


  1. Ruth, I feel as though you've been an artist in EVERY CITY EVER during this blogathon ...!! :-P I am so glad to have had your wonderful guidance and example throughout this journey. These photos definitely capture your playfulness, openness, and inquisitive nature. I look forward to making new memories, new posts, and new photos, on Sunday! <3

  2. I love the spirit of the photos and can't wait to learn more about your work!