Sunday, March 2, 2014

#C4ward March Blogathon (Day 2): Envisioning the future of my creative work

ALTARING THE SELF (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for BEING HERE NOW and for ENVISIONING the FUTURE! Hallelujah for C4 Atlanta hosting this blogathon and building a creative community! 

After considering my MISSION in Day #1 of the C4ward March Blogathon (here), today, Day #2, we are looking at envisioning the future of our creative work! BIG LOVE!


Who am I? I am Hallelujah Truth, grace making artist, dancing yes to abundant, meaningful relationships and work easefully and joyfully. (For those of you just meeting me, I choose to blog from the persona of a playful ecstatic art maker and enthusiast. Writing from Hallelujah Truth's perspective fills me with glee and productivity.)
DANCING YES! I'm in the center here at a Dancing Flower's workshop in  Fall 2013.

WHAT IS THE NOWNESS OF MY WORK? I see my art work as being courageous acts speaking HEART as honestly as my drawing, painting, and computer skills permit. 
THE MOON IS IN MY HEART (art by Hallelujah Truth)

My visual images resulting from psychological explorations and experiences have manifested opportunities for me to co-create with scientists, environmentalists, and art community leaders. I have given workshops (here and here) and presentations (here, here, here, here). I have illustrated a book (here)and working on another (here). 

Therefore, as an art maker, collaborator, environmentalist, speaker, and arts community builder, MY WORK NOW is vital currency for connection and positive beingness and change.

HOW IS MY WORK EVOLVING AND CHANGING? With time, ongoing courage, and creative movement, I am easefully dancing my way into the motto I coined yesterday for my t-shirt: ART EQUALS ABUNDANCE.  

As I inhabit my 55-year-old body through InterPlay, Dance Church, and Dancing Flowers for Peace, I am leaping, swooping, and thrusting playfully and earnestly into earning a living in the following ways...

A Creativity Consultant 
Pronunciation Coach 
InterPlay Leader

I am trusting in the resourcefulness I have gathered in my years as an educator, writer, editor, and artist. I am making the choice to culminate, manifest, explode, celebrate and earn a living wage from my considerable talents.

LOVE propels me mightily. Happiness surges through me when I am with you and we are sharing our passions.
I CHOOSE STARDUST! (art by Hallelujah Truth)
MY FUTURE (According to the Intergalatic Arts Journal):
Hallelujah Truth dances from planet to star in her full universal planethood. Her easeful imaginative leaps have inspired multitudes to establish their own creative pods. Cosmic communities abound sustaining themselves based on the following simple belief:  

Support and respect the individual's vision (bejeweled link). 
Then lovingly integrate it with diverse others (other jeweled links). 
Ornament everyone with the cosmic communal chain (pretty necklace).

That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me and tell me about how you envision your future creative work. 


  1. I appreciate the integration of image and word; your art--which is multimodal--reflects your words and vice versa and that's cool.

    1. Ariel! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog and such a supportive one. I love being cool!

    2. Helen! And you are a fun and elegant dancer!

  2. I feel you joy coming through in the words - as well as the images. It makes me want to jump from star to star too!!!!!

    1. Vickie I would love some companionship in star jumping!

  3. You fulfill your role as ecstatic art maker and enthusiast so fully with your words and art. A primal confidence emanates from your text and your images.

    1. Sandra it means a lot to me that you understand that primal energy I invite to come through my art and words.

  4. Awesome Ruth!! Love the images and all the neat things you are up too :)

    1. Christine! I'm glad you are right there with me doing some of these neat things!

  5. I love your posts and mixture of images and your fluidity of well articulated narrative. And I am so glad you are trusting in you years.... and your very rich talents. Peace.Love.

    1. Callahan thank you for thinking that my writing is well articulated! Some times it just doesn't feel that flowy. Trust...that is a big one for me! I accept your peace and love gratefully!

  6. Your life is so colorful and filled with love and friendship. I enjoy reading your post each night...even when I should be in bed. :)