Friday, December 9, 2011


SUPER HERO HALLELUJAH. Dear Fellow Pilgrim, I am ALL that you see in the above image. Although you can spot Hallelujah in the red and brown skirt and polka-dotted shirt, I am also Wandjina, and the Green Mother. I am the dinosaurs, wallaby, and flowers. I am the explosion of dots. This image is what being a SUPER HERO is all about! (art by Hallelujah Truth see original post)

#REVERB11 (December 9) PROMPT: SUPERHERO. If  you had super powers what would they be? (from Deborah Rubenstein)

Hallelujah is giggling because her Chiboogamoo told her that his SUPER POWERS would be to please me! Although there is some irony in his reply, I think he means it! Then my Chiboogamoo tells me that I already have many SUPER POWERS but would leave me to contemplate them by myself. As a world famous paleontologist, he is leaving early this morning to accompany an Emory University graduate student to an elementary school in Chamblee, Georgia, to teach four consecutive science classes comprised of twelve year olds about fossils and fossilization--now that's SUPER POWER!

Enough hemming and hawing! In the world of pretend and make believe, in the world of #REVERB11, my SUPER POWERS are trifold! (threesomes are so magical):

WISDOM: As a PILGRIM, I seek KNOWLEDGE of the UNIVERSE and how to use what I know. As a SUPER HERO PILGRIM, I already possess this deep understanding of LIFE. This understanding brings me PEACE.

COMMUNICATION: PILGRIM Hallelujah joyfully creates like a catnapping, easing her way into visual arts and blogistry, "hoping" to express her TRUTH. SUPER HERO Hallelujah spirals wildly like a whirling dervish manifesting WISDOM in a dazzling array of visual art, words, and teaching sizzling like sparklers! SssHHeeeEEsssZAAAaaammmmm!!!POP!!!OOOOhhhhhh!!! SUCCESS and PEACE!

CONNECTION: With the upmost honesty, as PILGRIM Hallelujah, I soul blog out of a longing to "connect" with like-minded souls. Some times my JOURNEY seems lonely, and--yes--often misunderstanding occurs, resulting in miscommunication and disconnection. Then ta-da! SUPER HERO Hallelujah, who is wise and a master communicator, connects with ALL PILGRIMS, like-and-unlike minded, resulting in


These triumvirate powers bring PEACE to me and to you! That's Coffee With Hallelujah. Let me know if I have communicated successfully with you. How have I connected with what's important in your heart? Share your SUPER POWERS with me by soul blogging!

FALLING IN LOVE WITH FELLOW REVERBERS! Take a look at these blogs--they pulled me in and made me feel good!

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