Sunday, July 29, 2012


15 MINUTES OF JOYFULLY CREATING ELABORATED INTO AN ILLUSTRATED BOOK! Being present to myself each morning with my coffee resulted in a wonderful body of work: The Misadventures of Maria the Hutia! Both the hard book copy and the kindle copy are ready for sale, having published it on July 27, 2012! Hallelujah! (photo by Chiboogamoo)

Hallelujah Pilgrims! CREATING for 15 minutes a day over time accumulates a wealth of CREATIVITY! Having COFFEE WITH HALLELUJAH each morning is my time for JOYFULLY drawing, painting, and positively acknowledging that MAGICAL part of MYSELF that resides in the MYSTERY!

DR. RONALD SHAKLEE, MUSICIAN AND WRITER. How fascinating is the world we live in! Although I have never met Professor Ron Shaklee in person, I have collaborated with him to produce The Misadventures of Maria the Hutia!
What happens when you take HALLELUJAH and her morning doses of “coffee” (code word for CREATIVITY) and introduce her to a geography professor, Ron Shaklee, from Youngstown State University who happens to also honor his CREATIVITY by making music and writing fiction? Over time because of our shared concern for the conservation of the natural environment—in this case the Bahamas—we make a book together! Yes, THE MISADVENTURES OF MARIA THE HUTIA!

Today, I want to applaud Professor Shaklee, FELLOW CREATIVE SPIRIT and COLLABORATOR, who this past spring decided to move our collaboration—his story and my 30 images—to so that we could self publish our book! On the last Friday night in the month of July 2012, he and I approved the “proof” copy of the book discussing over Skype (since he lives in Ohio and I live in Georgia). Within minutes, he pushed the button and The Misadventures of Maria the Hutia was officially published on July 27, 2012. HURRAY! HALLELUJAH!
NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! If you want to buy some of my artwork, you can do it by purchasing this book either as a real book or for kindle. 10 percent of the profits go to San Salvador's Living Jewels Foundation.

My message to you DEAR CREATIVE SOULS is this: Give yourself permission to SPEAK THE TRUTH of your SPIRIT, your HEART, your SOUL, whatever you call that AUTHENTICITY that dwells within you. If you practice COFFEE with YOUR HALLELUJAH, you will discover all kinds of things you would have never imagined.

For now, my COFFEE with HALLELUJAH has resulted in the successful publishing of this beautiful book! And much much more in terms of EXPERIENCING the SWEETNESS of a LIFE lived CREATIVELY!

What action will you take today to speak YOUR TRUTH? Soul blog with me at Coffee with Hallelujah!

HOME AT LAST! Maria the Hutia's story is everyone's story! She gets lost, separated from her home and the familiar. She is frightened but manages to succeed on her JOURNEY. Maria learns new things, makes unusual friends and then finds her way home! Ron and I have brought the book HOME AT LAST! We hope you will take the book into your home too! Have fun reading!