Tuesday, December 25, 2012

#REVERB12 (Day 25): How will you be vulnerable? MAKE ART

SYMBOL CHART FOR HALLELUJAH'S VULNERABILITY. Currently, I am charging forward like a Knight on Arthur's round table, drawing and wearing the insignia of my SPIRIT. Today, I share with you the symbols of my pilgrim's cosmos. Here is the open door to my Achille's heel, for I am VULNERABLE to criticism; at the same time, I welcome curious visitors. It is the questions of the curious who keep me vibrant.  (art by Hallelujah Truth)
#REVERB12 (Day 25) PROMPT: How will you be vulnerable?

MERRY CHRISTMAS dear pilgrims! Today is the day that Christians celebrate the birth of the GOD-CHILD, baby Jesus, who is both GOD and a newborn HUMAN! Just think how VULNERABLE this GOD-CHILD is! We all share this VULNERABILITY because of this clashing duality of SPIRIT (GOD)and BODY (HUMAN).

In answer to today’s #Reverb12 prompt, I will proclaim that as a SPIRITUAL ART PILGRIM, I am already fiercely VULNERABLE. I explore my LIFE, going into the MYSTERY, often feeling confused, falling, bumping and scrapping my knees (literally and metaphorically), recovering, discovering, and making ART to document this courageous JOURNEY.

 ARTMAKING is a bold way to maintain an open door to VULNERABILITY. Underlying this proclamation of VULNERABILITY is that being open and susceptible to harm is a valuable behavior. Is it?

MAINTAINING HALLELUJAH'S OPEN DOOR TO VULNERABILITY. By being open to the onslaughts of criticism about my ARTMAKING and my SPIRITUAL ART PILGRIMAGE, I am also open to connection, communion, and celebration of my SPIRIT and other like-minded PILGRIMS. Not to mention new ideas and new beginnings! (art by Hallelujah Truth)

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! Thank you one and all for stopping here with me on this special HOLY DAY. How are you managing your SPIRIT and HUMAN duality? And your vulnerability? SOUL BLOG with Hallelujah!

As always, thanks to Kat at "I Saw You Dancing," for managing #REVERB12.

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  1. I second that opinion that our artmaking=vulnerability. It seems a necessary ingredient to making passionate art. Approaching a work of art without a set plan and letting it take us where it will is the definition of vulnerability
    and great art. In the process of creating, I constantly have to curb my tendency to pretty it up,
    or make the piece lighter or artistically acceptable. Pretty can be good, but only when the artwork leads us there.