Thursday, January 11, 2018


FEAST FOCUS. My intention for 2018 is to keep my focus on the GOOD. There is so much  of that goodness in my life, why not direct my gaze at it? This takes the practice of restraint. Each time I turn my head to what is "not good," I will practice turning my head back to what is abundant and resplendent in my life. In addition, I will look towards the "ordinary good" as extraordinary. My plan is to diminish the negativity and embellish all else. This image of Hallelujah with the seed represents "heart growth" gained from focusing on the feast. (art by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)
Hallelujah for 2018! Hallelujah for posts in our life fence that allow us to begin all over again!

Dear Readers, what word have you chosen to guide your actions in 2018? I discovered my word while traveling in Argentina. I experienced such an overwhelming sense of abundance, that the word FEAST chose me.

I had been flirting with this word in 2017. My focus was increasingly attending to the riches in my life. Let me name some of them here:

Life with my boon companion, Tony Martin

Friendships with women from China, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Argentina

Good health

Opportunities to integrate InterPlay with teaching American English fluency

Art making and Art friendships

Facilitating improvisation (InterPlay) as a way to improve science communication

Hard honesty given to me by trusted friends

There are so many other jewels in my life that I am not mentioning here, but you get the idea--right? 

Hallelujah for the FEAST!

This FEAST FOCUS requires me to restrain my peripheral vision. Yes! I can see all that is wrong in my personal universe and the ripples of your universes and the world's.  2017 with the Trump presidency shut me down. Some personal challenges with relationships dampened my joy. Lacking vision hampered my creative growth.

I am asking that this 2018 FEAST FOCUS allows me to regain my spirit, my umph--that which makes me feel vital and juicy!

PERSPECTIVES. I place myself at the "heart root" to improve my  perspective of the GOOD. Thanks to Cynthia Winton Henry for her offering of the words from Muriel Rukeyser "The blessing is in the seed." See my previous blog for more on this theme.
That's Coffee with Hallelujah this morning! I invite you to share your 2018 word and to give an explanation if you care to. What are you leaving behind and moving forward towards.

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