Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Holding Hands of My Soul Family

Holding Hands of My Soul Family
The Impeccability of a Daily Creative Practice
HOLDING THE HANDS OF MY SOUL FAMILY. (art by Hallelujah Truth)

Hallelujah for the Daily Creative Practice! I am so thankful for Coffee with Hallelujah!

Coffee equals TIME.
Hallelujah equals SPIRIT.
Coffee plus Hallelujah equals TIME WITH MY SPIRIT.

The above is the mathematical equation of my life. Every morning, I choose to be present to the MYSTERY, the DIVINE, the UNKNOWABLE--to take precious moments and dwell between the boundaries of the known and unknown.

My first and foremost methodology is drawing and painting. Then I look for a way to share the magic which results from the TIME I have spent with my SPIRIT. Hence, this blog, Coffee with Hallelujah!

HOLDING THE HANDS OF MY SOUL FAMILY. I have just spent my daily creative practice this morning revisiting and working (playing?) with this image which originated in October 2017. Often my works are unfinished as I move away from my coffee with Hallelujah and out into the day. The wonderment of unfinished works by the spirit is that they continue "living" beyond their birth. This image of me (Hallelujah Truth) with Mother Mystery (left) and Wandjina (right) reassures me of the expansion of self. That self that exists in dream time and the imagination. In the early hours of darkness, I spent time having my hands held by the unseeable mystery. I feel nurtured, comforted.  (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Thank you for being a witness to my daily creative practice. I invite you to Soul Blog with me here and tell me what occurred in your morning. Did you have Coffee with your Hallelujah? Would you consider playing with your spirit 15 minutes every day? What might happen?

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