Sunday, January 28, 2018

Contemplating the Blessing in the Seed

CONTEMPLATING THE BLESSING IN THE SEED. (Art in progress by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)
Hallelujah for Coffee with Hallelujah! If you have 15 minutes for coffee, you have time for 15 minutes of creativity! That time that I "claim" and "name" for my SPIRIT to speak is a PRECIOUS SEED. What will grow from this contemplative creative practice?

In the second week of January 2018, I danced during Monday night dance chapel with Cynthia Winton-Henry and other participants, holding my imaginary seed in my hands (see this blog) to discover what blessing might be present. We contemplated this poem:


Not all things are blessed,
but the seeds of all things are blessed.
The blessing is in the seed.

(Muriel Rukeyser, 1913 – 1980)

Now, towards the end of January, I return to the dance and drawing, "The Blessing is in the Seed," generated from my Dance Chapel experience. As I paint and fill it with color, my intention is to SEE what is growing. 

Are you like me? Do you experience delight in viewing the incremental progress of seeds that you have planted emerging from the ground? Does the first glance take your breath away? 

I am a gardener. Almost nothing fills me with more wonder than being in discussion with the plants that inhabit my space. I observe them and ask, "Do you need water?" "Do you need to be cut back?" "Do you need more light?" "Is it time for more plant food?" 

Right now, I am contemplating being a GARDENER OF MY SPIRIT and what questions I might have for the SEED(s) of my SOUL. The same questions apply I think. How about you?

That's Coffee with Hallelujah. What PRECIOUS SEED are you going to shine light on today and cultivate with questions?


  1. These days I'm trying to cultivate a fondness for certain music in a friend. Trying to create images that evoke the mood of the music rather than just taking the words literally. This challenging as I have an ordinate fondness for song lyrics and well turned phrases, but as I continue planting these seeds, I feel I'm starting to grow beyond the words to plumb the depths of meaning.

    1. Dear Specialneedscat, I am so thankful to be the friend you speak of and I am really enjoying the images you create. They are succeeding in engaging me in the "mood" of the music. What is really great? That you are diving deeper.

  2. Planting seeds is your province, Ruth. I have growing meaning in my life from one you planted.

  3. Dear Thomas what a gift you have given me with this comment on my blog! I am so delighted that you are growing meaning in your life from a seed I planted. I would love to more if you care to share. Thank you for sharing your immense creativity on The Daily Creative Practice.