Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LANTERN PARADE ON THE ATLANTA BELTLINE: Celebrating art, the end of summer, and so much more

Hallelujah for the lantern parade in Atlanta on the Beltline! Hallelujah for the Krewe of Grateful Gluttons that organizes this homemade festival of lights! For me and my Chiboogamoo, it was our first year to observe this delightful local parade; however, 2013 is the fourth year it has occurred in our wonderful southern city! Thanks go to Callahan Pope McDonough, my artist friend and Beltline walking companion, who alerted me to this illuminating event.
COLORFUL FAMILY EVENT. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Families of all sizes and varieties participated in this lantern parade. Numerous people sat on the side of the path applauding participants, but just as many "lantern-less" people were encouraged to join the celebratory march.
FRIEND CALLAHAN WITH HER PEEPS. Chiboogamoo and I were so happy to spot Callahan, her husband Bill, and their friends among the cheerful lantern carriers. Atlanta may be a large city, but it can also have a real "local" neighborhood feel to it! (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
The art we were celebrating was submerged in darkness. Not even the brightest of lanterns could really shed light on them. Yet, the art was present nonetheless. No doubt the festive lantern makers had already viewed the Beltline art or will return to see it in the daylight!
AN EXAMPLE OF BELTLINE ART. Take for example, this amazing assemblage of "stuff" that creates a startling expressive portrait. I do not think that this image was visible the night of the lantern parade on the Beltline. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Funny, I remember years ago, when this area of Atlanta would not have been safe to traverse. Yet thanks to the brilliance of a college student who generated an idea in class to make bike, walking, and commuting ways using an old train rail, we citizens have reclaimed the major arteries at the heart of our city!

CREATIVITY AT ITS BEST. How delightful to have a festival that allows everyone to manifest their inner selves!(photo by Hallelujah Truth)
As the lantern parade celebration came to the end of the paved part of the Beltline, festival goers crested onto Monroe, with the cool darkness of Piedmont Park just a street crossing away.

THIS IS MY CITY!. Events like the lantern parade makes me proud to live in Atlanta.(photo by Hallelujah Truth)


Although my Chiboogamoo and I did not know soon enough to make lanterns so we could "carry the light into the darkness" with everyone else, we will be prepared for next year's lantern parade. And for me, the lantern will always hold symbolic value of hope, intuition, courage (see what the Tarot card symbolism is here). Huzzah Atlanta!


  1. Fabulous Atlanta, fabulous shots. I had not heard of it before this year!

  2. Cecelia! I bet you would make the biggest and most beautiful lantern ever!