Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SOJOURNING DOESN'T MEAN SOLITUDE: We need each other on this creative journey

SOJOURNING DOESN'T MEAN WE ARE ALONE.  (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Lighting fires in other pilgrims' souls warms me. Seeing smoke rising from a distant pilgrim's fire also warms me. We sojourners are not alone. We need one another, virtually or off-line. It is imperative that we establish communities to share our ideas, problems, solutions, joys, sorrows, and CREATIVITY

ME with TY!
Today, Ty Butler, a talented photographer who invented and patented his own lighting system phoned me to tell me, "Thank you." He wanted me to know that the Facebook group that I created--THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE, was catalyzing his CREATIVITY. It motivates him to have an online CREATIVE community who will see his photos, read his philosophical explanations of them, and ask questions about his CREATIVE process or leave comments.

In recent weeks, I have met two new CREATIVE friends in Atlanta, who are both in the early stages of blogging. And it is through their writing and posting their blogs on THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE that they are becoming part of my CREATIVE community. Let me introduce them to you.
I met Jes Gordon through one of  C4 Atlanta's TechsmARTs meetups. We both had attended John Saddington's presentation, "Blogging for Artists(see my blog)." When I found out Jes is also a member of Women's Caucus for Art Georgia, I stopped to found out what more we had in common. It turns out she is an INTUITIVE painter, and the sound of that is intriguing. I believe I am one too! I decided to interview Jes for my Spiritual Art Pilgrim Interviews to find out and was delighted when she agreed. Please visit her blog, Buckets of Color.
INTERVIEWING JES GORDON. Today, September 4th, 2013, I went to Jes' studio at Sycamore Place Gallery and enjoyed listening to Jes explain the philosophical underpinnings and sojourn to her INTUITIVE painting and being surrounded by her colorful art. Be looking out for the upcoming Spiritual Art Pilgrim Interview!
Another new CREATIVE friend who is quickly becoming a member of my CREATIVE community is Christine Nichols Gautreaux. After meeting her at Jennifer Denning's Atlanta InterPlay "playshop" in August, we became Facebook friends, and then she asked to join THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE (DCP). It through the DCP, that I discovered Christine hungered to be blogging. And, before I knew it, she has started blogging daily at It Is Safe for You to Love Them, and sharing her links on the DCP. Is this CREATIVE community? You bet! The next time I see Christine in person, we will be much more familiar with one another based on our virtual exchanges.
ATLANTA INTERPLAY PLAYSHOP.  I met Christine at the August playshop. In this photo, Christine is stretching between Jennifer (yellow shirt) and Mary Jane  (pink shirt). InterPlay is a fun way to meet someone for the first time. (photo by Hallelujah Truth --do you see my Chiboogamoo on the left?)

I am so happy to be connecting with fellow art pilgrims across the blogosphere! Cecelia Kane has been in my blogging community for a while now. Check out her blog, The Interwoven Heart. Darlene Sperber and I have been weaving ourselves into each others lives through our blogs. She has two: Musings of a Mixed Media Artist and Words. And then there is Kat McNally, who has engaged me in three daily blogging fests in one calendar year. Her blog is I Saw You Dancing. I long to have other friends blog! You know who you are!

Hallelujah for you all! Hallelujah for SOUL BLOGGING and developing communities across distances, times, and lives. Thank you one and all for the fire! We are on one of the most marvelous journeys!


  1. Thank you for your encouragement and creating the space to share our daily creative endeavors. I totally agree - "It is imperative that we establish communities to share our ideas, problems, solutions, joys, sorrows, and CREATIVITY." So glad to be a part of your community :)

  2. I so agree with Christine. I enjoy the creative community you have brought to FB on The Daily Creative Practice and I enjoy my Altered MInds.I am still looking for a creative community here in my immediate neighborhood. It will happen when it is suppose to happen. That is something it took me a long time to learn. Thanks again for all the encouragement you give to all of us and making it possible for me to meet so many different and interestingly diversified artist.

    1. Darlene! It is thanks to FB that I first discovered Altered Minds and then you in particular! You are very special!