Friday, September 20, 2013

SNAPSHOT OF MY LIFE IN MY CITY: Being and loving the place where you live

MY OLD STOMPING GROUND. Three miles from Decatur, Georgia, down Ponce De Leon, a major artery of Atlanta, is my former home--Little Five Points. I visited the Sevananda Food Co-op and the feminist-lesbian bookstore, Charis Books, to promote the Intuitive Painting class that Jes Gordon is giving on Sunday, October 6th. To my surprise, I found that Little Five Points had received a bit of a face lift! The mural you see in this photo is bright and shiny as a new penny!
Hallelujah for BEING here right now. For BEING grounded in the spot where you are geographically situated! For putting down roots and digging in to the EARTH beneath your feet! Welcome to my LIFE in the Atlanta metropolitan area, where I am currently rooted! This blog entry is a brief snapshot of it!

SYCAMORE PLACE GALLERY. How I love returning to Sycamore Place Gallery, where my Chiboogamoo and I had our studio while we collaborated on our paintings for the Darwin show back in 2011. An entire new troupe of artists have moved in since we departed, among them being Jes Gordon, whose Intuitive Painting class I am promoting in exchange for a reduced tuition price so I can attend the workshop. You can see Jes' car parked in front of the gallery. Her business, Buckets of Color is wonderfully advertised with all the bubbles of color! I met her there to pick up the flyers!
JES GORDON DOING "RESEARCH". Upon entering the gallery, I found Jes "researching" or feeding her mind in preparation for painting intuitively. As an artist, who also paints intuitively, I talked with her for a while about the transition that takes place between acquiring knowledge and skills and painting from the gut. Also for me, BEING grounded geographically here in Decatur, in this vast sprawling metropolitan area of Atlanta, really helps ground me in MYSELF. To BE in one's home physically, allows one to BE in oneself! This is my city. This is my spiritual home.

ACROSS THE TRAIN TRACKS.  From where my Chiboogamoo and I live in Decatur is another amazing community--Oakhurst! When I went to a wonderful coffee shop--Karvana--to leave a flyer for Jes's Intuitive Painting class, I saw this banner for "Jazz Night." Later, after our dinner dishes were done, and Tony's class preparations were completed, we strolled over to this family friendly neighborhood to relax on a cool green lawn and listen to the live music. 
Here is a video of some of the music. Notice the darling girls dancing to the jazz! What a bright moment in my day!  
Right now, right here, I have planted myself in LIVING. ATLANTA is my home; thus, ATLANTA is my SOUL. That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me and tell me if you understand what I mean by being grounded where you live and standing for this present place.


  1. Yeah for loving where you live!!! Loved the pictures and the story!

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Christine! And being a mutual inspiration.