Friday, October 19, 2012


Hallelujah for KINDRED SPIRITS leading the way! Thanks to Kat on her blog, "I Saw You Dancing," for hosting Blogtoberfest #12. Today her guest blogger is vintage jewelry maker Jennifer Valentine, whose blog is Sacred Cake. The prompt for October 19th is this: "Where is the sacred nestled in amongst your every day, just waiting for you to notice?"

WEDDING WITH THE SELF. Finding the sacred in every day is finding the TRUTH in YOURSELF and the TRUTH of  others. It is the WHOLENESS that comes from listening closely to the underneathlings of physical existence. It is the UNITY of outer self with inner self and that serving as a VIADUCT to others in your community. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)

What is SACRED in every day? The HEART that beats with passion for the TRUTH! I find the SACRED in myself and others who are TRUTH SEEKERS. The name I use to claim my ARTWORK and on this blog, "Hallelujah Truth," signposts the joy I experience in my JOURNEY to discover that which is AUTHENTIC

The TRUTH of Sally Wylde, a fellow SPIRITUAL ART PILGRIM, now deceased two years, is symbolized in this drawing, WEDDING WITH THE SELF. Anyone who knew Sally well, knows that for exploration of her own TRUTH she was working with a wedding dress in her last years and a rabbit mask too. This was a woman in her mid-sixties and a cancer survivor to boot!
WEDDING WITH THE SELF #2. On the left, is Spiritual Art Pilgrim Sally Wylde. When asked to be the Grand Marshall of the Oakhurst Community parade (Sally had made significant contributions to the community, one of them being the creation of the Oakhurst Community Garden ((now called The Wylde Center)), Sally showed up for the parade in this "costume" or statement of her TRUTH. To her friends, including me, this was no surprise. How extraordinary is the gift of BEING TRUE TO ONESELF! You can see some of Sally mirrored in the young child's response to her clad in rabbit mask and wedding dress! Hallelujah! (Photo by Chiboogamoo and photoshopped by Hallelujah Truth)
It was only two days ago, that I pulled the partially drawn image, "WEDDING WITH THE SELF" out of the cupboard (where I keep all of my watercolor pads) and completed it in order to submit to a WCAGA exhibit taking place in December. When Kat's Blogtoberfest asked-- "Where is the sacred nestled in amongst your every day, just waiting for you to notice?," I knew this was the image to answer with. For I believe the SACRED in every day exists in the integrated minds and hearts of myself and my friends. The SACRED is in MY OWN HEART, which is full with its own VISION and gifts from others' AUTHENTICITY.

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! How do you my dear Fellow Soul Bloggers answer that question? Soul Blog with me!

WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE? The image above is another one inspired by my friend Sally Wylde. Notice that the hands of the "woman/rabbit" are in the position of Whirling Dervishes. One hand reaches toward the HEAVENS for inspiration while the other hand anchors the dancer to the foundation of the EARTH. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)

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