Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hallelujah Pilgrims! I am capturing the waning days of October by blogging with Kat, "I Saw You Dancing," and her daily prompts provided by guest bloggers. Today's prompt comes from Lee, blogger at Sleepeybear's Spot. Lee wrote about the rocking chairs in the Charlotte Airport in North Carolina, USA. It inspired to ask bloggers this: "What item that most people consider normal or everyday has special significance for you?"

PHYSICAL SPACE is a special item or concept for me. (photo by Hallelujah Truth) 

This photo illustrates my amazement at "physical space" and how we interact with it. I know that this "item" is a larger concept than a specific item; nonetheless, its significance impacts my EXPERIENCE OF THE WORLD. 

This morning I met my artist friend and fellow ACNer Elise Helfer for coffee in a new physical space, Carroll Street Cafe in Cabbage Town, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I found the cafe's environment warm, serene, and aromatically pleasing. The "vibe" uplifted me, held me, and soothed me.

As part of our coffee ritual, Elise and I haul our art out onto tables. This morning I had brought work that I was making decisions about sending into an upcoming show for WCAGA. The trilogy (Hallelujah Truth drawing, pumpkin, and photo) that you see above interact in a way with the physical space (shelf and two wall colors) that intrigues me. Does it you?

As an artist, I am constantly assessing everything around me and who am I in relationship to these things in this environment. How do the colors, scents, sounds, and objects impact me. Then when I put my ART into this space, how does my CREATION interact with it? I am absorbed by all of these stimuli? Am I alone in this practice? Do any of you in my SOUL BLOGGING community do this also?

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! Hallelujah for completing day #18 of Blogtoberfest!


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