Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hallelujah for like-minded SOULS and those who connect through SOUL BLOGGING. Last December, I ran across this fun, artistic blog celebrating the spirit and creativity, "I Saw You Dancing," during an all-month blogging spree (Reverb11). The Blogger, Kat, lives in Melbourne, Australia, and hosts "WORTHINESS WEDNESDAY" blogging every Wednesday of the year! I just discovered this celebration of self-worth yesterday on a worthy Wednesday but did not have time to blog about my WORTHINESS until today, Thursday!

WHAT IS MY SHOUT OUT FOR WORTHINESS? I make time to draw every day, no matter what! Drawing daily is part of my holding myself WORTHY! I am an artist, and part of my BEING an ARTIST is DOING the WORK. There  are people out there who will tell you that ART is frivolous. Many will refer to ART as a hobby. Some even say that making ART is something that must wait to be done upon retirement. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!

For me, MAKING ART is a way BEING PRESENT in this LIFE and HONORING my WORTHINESS! I have sprouted deep roots (routes) in my practice of drawing for 15 minutes every day! In fact, a dear friend of mine, Edna Shipp, sprouted a Facebook page "Drawing 15 Minutes a Day" from her close association with me (yet one of the many roots/routes of my daily practice of drawing every day! Thank you Edna (see her blog)! 

For my first WORTHINESS WEDNESDAY blog post, I am posting this Hallelujah Truth Image of mine. 

CANNOT BUY MY SOUL.  This image was inspired by the decorative art of Leon Bakst. The words for this drawing comes from the album title of an Australian artist, Kev Carmody. As an indigenous Australian (Aboriginal), he is an activist, and the words of the song begin like this:

For 200 years we've been beaten down
Too long on the dole
My dignity I'm losing here and mentally I'm old
There's a system here that nails us ain't we left out in the cold
They took our life and liberty friend but
they couldn't buy our soul...
Kev Carmody's words speak to me as a woman and an artist. As a tall blonde blue-eyed woman, I have struggled with the great divide between who I am in my physical body and who I am spiritually. Growing up in the culture of the United States, I was exalted because of the color of my hair and eyes and the physical prominence that my five feet, ten inch height gave me. But my inner self did not conform to the expectations of the US culture. No, I did not venture to New York to try my hand at being a fashion model. No, I did not let a man choose me to be his trophy wife. Instead, I struggled to be heard, first as a formative poet, professional student, and later as a person who speaks her SOUL through image making. I didn't get married until I was 45 years old and then to a man who valued me for the depth of my SPIRIT and sense of adventure. I have spoken out quite loudly about no one being able to buy my drawings unless it was "blood for art" (read my blog).

So my WORTHINESS WEDNESDAY, I am proclaiming an ongoing celebration for the LIFE OF THE SPIRIT. I ask for all of us to cast in and share what we bring to the WORLD in the way of BEING

SOUL BLOG with me Hallelujah Truth at Coffee With Hallelujah

Treat yourself and listen to Kev Carmody sing, "Cannot Buy My Soul."

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