Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hallelujah for PLAY! Thanks to Kat McNally for PLAYFULNESS and hosting the Blogtoberfest12! Read the guest blog entry on her blog, "I Saw You Dancing,"written by Monica, blogger of "The Creative Beast." Today's prompt is this:

How could you invite more art, creativity and -- perhaps most importantly -- play into your life?
THANK YOU! A great way to access fun and playfulness is to express gratitude for being here right now. Say thank you loud. Say thank you quietly. Thank the person sitting next to you. Take a deep breath and thank the universe! 
THANK YOU FRIENDS! In the Sycamore Place Gallery Studio, 2010, getting ready for Sally Wylde's memorial parade.

WONDER. Certainly, playfulness can be invited into our lives by entertaining wonder! Open your eyes! See the world around you like a child! ( all ART here is a collaboration with Sally Wylde and friends of Hallelujah! )
FEAR NOT. To play, we must jump in, take risks, be willing to make mistakes, explore, and discover! Playfulness is full of WONDER, not fear!

ALL WILL BE WELL. We can make a choice in our lives to take leaps and jumps. We can make somersaults. We can dance our own private dance when no one is watching. We can dance for the world. Whatever you do, decide it is not good. It is not bad. It just IS! Lose the CENSOR and all will be well.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  Thank you to Sally Wylde for your artmaking and leaving behind these amazing block prints for your friends to use once you left this Earth. Thank you to all my artmaking friends and soul bloggers! Thank you to my Chiboogamoo for his documenting my life in photos!


  1. All will be well.I will learn to make mistakes,I will try to do everything I want,no matter what others think.

  2. All will be well.I want to do something new,I don't want to care others' opinions any more.Be a happy person.

  3. Dear Geng! Thank you so much for reading my blog entry and for making a commitment to having fun despite making mistakes! BE YOURSELF and ENJOY!

    I look forward to communicating with you on your blog when you establish it!

  4. So good to see these Wylde images again full of fearless wonder, and that mustang Sally.

    1. Dear SEE SEE, we shared an amazing friend, Sally Wylde, and because her art is still with us, so is she in such a powerful way! Cheers to Mustang Sally!

  5. Hi teacher, I'm here to say THANK YOU loud!


    1. Dear Summer, you made my Friday, my week, and my entire month of October when you proclaimed yesterday that you wanted more out of a class than knowledge! "I want more than knowledge"! you proclaimed! What is it you are seeking? I would love for you to tell me!

    2. I don't know how to express that kind of feeling. Last section, I took part in another class and got an A+, whereas I don't think I have a great improvement in my speaking and listening skill. The teacher is excellent, but only 50 minutes per day is far from enough to improve speaking and listening. Then I realized that to learn English well, I have to keep practicing and I can do it all by myself! So I ask myself, how to make the best of this opportunity? Yes, to learn what I cannot learn in China! That reminds me of your improv class, dear teacher. I find that as long as I take some time and think about what happened in the class, I can always get some inspiring things. So I decided to take the blogging class and I think I made the right choice.

      Last Friday, you told us to keep writing. I think it is exactly what you taught us last section: don't wait for the perfect idea. These days, I am busy with applying American Graduate School especially writing my Statement of Purpose. I spent weeks to painstakingly thinking about how to show myself, how to impress the committee and how to… But I was just thinking thinking and thinking and wrote few words! Your Friday class inspired me a lot and I found that I have to write down my ideas instead of being trapped to my "endless loop". I tried your idea right after the class. I forced myself to write for 30 minutes and then looked back to what I had written and then wrote again. I have to say, it's a great method! Now, I have roughly finished the draft of my Statement of Purpose. I feel so lucky that I've taken that class.

      I don't know if I express myself clearly. I can practice reading, listening, speaking and writing all by myself, but I can only learn so many priceless philosophy about learning and life from you. And maybe that's what I am seeking.

  6. Summer! Oh my goodness! Thank you, thank you! How wonderful that you took my question about what you are seeking and developed such a marvelous response!

    I'm taking what you said and thinking about it! All of it!

    And congratulations for writing a rough draft of your Statement of Purpose!

    Hurray! I look forward to learning more about your process both in speaking and writing!