Monday, December 6, 2010


Dear Pilgrims 'tis the season to reflect as each day grows in darkness, and we prepare for the shortest day of the year. Three women have created a wonderful reflection place at REVERB10. Hallelujah for this opportunity to "soul blog" with other like minded pilgrims! I will be blogging in response to their daily prompts and encourage you to join us! Reflection is the fodder for new ideas!

Here is the PROMPT for December 6th:
What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need more time for it?

For me the first thing that comes to mind is pushing pungent sticks of cloves into a fresh perfectly round shaped orange to create a sense or scent of the winter holidays because a friend of mine always makes enough to fill a large bowl and I thought I would do ONE for the EXPERIENCE. Try it, the citrusy juices burst from the orange and along with the woody fragrance from the cloves coats your fingers! A very tactile and fragrant experience!

Or should I recount the image I drew of my persona Hallelujah that echoes one of Leon Bakst’s dancers? She is drawn in watercolor pencils on paper and surrounded by images made using archival pens. This more voluptuous Hallelujah may be a one time only departure from a demurer Hallelujah sojourner! We shall see!

I WANT to write a book called “From HOWLS to HOWL-a-lujahs” that documents my 3- year journey from being “stuck” creatively to exuberantly living the life I imagine each day! I moved from being a fulltime teacher who longed to live the life of an artist to BEING the artist who teaches part-time! Because I have done it, I believe everyone can be fully experiencing the life they desire!

Yes! I need more time for writing this book, and I know it is my responsibility to CREATE the time in my busy artmaking and teaching schedule to write “From HOWLS to HOWL-a-lujahs!”


  1. Hail to Hallelujah!

    I see your bolder Hallelujah leaping into the world with courage and confidence! Well done. Jacq Marie

  2. Dearest Jacq Marie! You are a strong inspiration to me!