Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The Min Min finds you. You don’t find the Min Min. So goes the explanation of the sudden and mysterious appearance of an extraterrestrial ball of yellow light in the outback of Queensland, Australia!

As TRAVELERS on the Dinosaur Trail in the Queensland outback, my Chiboogamoo and I learned about the Min Min phenomenon when we came to the small city of Boulia (an Aboriginal word for watering hole). With a population of about 300, this one-street town possesses a tourist center including a Min Min exhibit, so CURIOUS VISITORS can listen to recordings of locals retelling their encounters with this bewildering ball of light.

Down the street from the Min Min tourist center and a couple of blocks into one of Boulia’s neighborhoods, there is another tourist destination—the Stonehouse Museum, which amongst the local British pioneer artifacts and photographs of Aboriginal interactions, is a building dedicated to fossils! And “Dinosaur Dick” will explain the plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs to you!

Hallelujah for TRAVEL! Hallelujah for LEARNING! In 2010, I traveled every moment of the day as a SPIRITUAL ART PILGRIM (SAP). As a SAPer, I seek MEANING and desire to express my understanding in an ARTFUL way! When I TRAVEL from the “routine” ARTFULNESS of my domestic life in Decatur, Georgia, my goal is to continue living ARTFULLY.

In today’s blog entry, I am joyfully explaining what I mean by living ARTFULLY while TRAVELLING. I have included a piece of my art, “Hallelujah Truth Flying with Dick’s Dinosaurs in the Min Min Light,” to illustrate. The morning following our sightseeing in Boulia, I made myself a cup of tea and spent an hour drawing my response to BEING in Boulia. Tuning into my heart and gut response, I “channeled” the Min Min, a plesiosaur, and an ichthyosaur using watercolor pencils. Our travel itinerary afforded me enough time to paint the entire background. As part of my SAP practice, I did my sketching and painting without judgment (not good, not bad, just is). Then I had to stop with the painting unfinished and unthought out.

Until today, I had not returned to continue this image journaling my TRAVEL in Boulia. Inspired by REVERB10’s December 22 prompt about TRAVEL, I chose to work towards completing this particular image. In doing so it allowed me to think about “how” I TRAVEL along my SPIRITUAL ART JOURNEY.

I TRAVEL with an open heart, a love of local myth, and a fascination for science. It is with these qualities that I approach my daily 15 minutes of creativity—which with inevitable grace expands to an hour or hours. In 2011, I plan to continue TRAVELING as a SPIRITUAL ART PILGRIM, to discover more about the GREAT MYSTERY of BEING.

And you Fellow Sojourners? Hallelujah invites you to Soul Blog with her and share your response to today’s REVERB10 Challenge below.

REVERB10 PROMPT: TRAVEL. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would like to travel next year?


  1. You are a beautiful mermaid-time-traveler in this painting. I can see the twinkling stars (water bubbles?)and the streams of the universe swoosh away from your body as you sail on through.

  2. Dear Cecelia, (SEE SEE), Hallelujah appreciates your vision of her journey--STAR BUBBLES! Hoo Hoo Ha Ha! I love traveling in this universe with YOU!