Friday, December 17, 2010


Hallelujah for the PRESENT! Hallelujah for BEING HERE RIGHT NOW! Dear PILGRIMS, if I learned one important lesson in 2010, it was KNOWING this: WE HAVE ALL WE NEED, right here, right now.

2009 was a year of loss for me. Three friends died too young, unanticipated deaths. Mark, Luis, and Sally—all three should be drinking eggnog, wrapping gifts, and celebrating the holiday season. Instead there is an absence, a gap, a yawning yearning for their presence, for LIFE to CONTINUE as ALWAYS.

But MY LIFE and YOUR LIFE, dear PILGRIMS who are reading this, our LIVES continue—we HAVE LIFE. Being ALIVE meets part of our “having” needs. Then there is the need of being present to ourselves and one another—LOVE.

In 2009, I celebrated a “niners” party—my birthday fell on 9/9/09. So I invited nine women to be with me on September 9th. I asked each person to bring a poem, art, a dance, or an idea as a gift. Sally Wylde made me a humongous black card 18” x 12.” An image of HALLELUJAH was dancing on the cover. The only words inside written in yellow were: “WE HAVE ALL WE NEED.” I laughed. It seemed so simple!

Thank you Sally. In 2010, as you confronted the end of your LIFE, you were 100 percent present. YOU HAD US, and we felt HAD. Thank you for this simple lesson.

Since your death, I have dwelled on this concept of having all I need. In 2011, I plan to breathe deep and love what is around me. I pledge to be present to what I have and to honor everyone and everything. Hallelujah!

Thank you REVERB10 for Devember 17th’s PROMPT: Lesson Learned. What was the best thing that you learned about yourself in the past year? How will you apply that lesson going forward?

PILGRIMS SOUL BLOG with me and let me know 2010 lesson and its application in 2011.


  1. life is hard, and unpredictable. and beautiful, and rewarding. we must savor all of it, and not shirk from the difficult parts, because they help us appreciate the gifts we are given.

  2. Dear Rob, thank you for Soul Blogging with Hallelujah! I treasure your SAVORING ALL of LIFE! Thanks for sharing your appreciation of this beautiful, complex, compelling--and yes, DIFFICULT LIFE! We have many gifts, and you and Tina are one big gift to me! Hallelujah!