Monday, December 23, 2013

HOWL-A-LU-JAH: A howling story that led to howl-a-lu-jahs

PASSPORT PICTURE OF HALLELUJAH TRUTH. I was born with a belly howl and discovered I was not alone! (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Let me introduce myself once more! (You can read other blogs about my howling here, here, here, and here. I find repetition of theme keeps me secured in my truth.)

I am a SPIRITUAL ART PILGRIM on the most awesome journey. I seek pleasure on my quest to find truth and meaning. I call myself HALLELUJAH TRUTH.

I began from birth HOWLING for something more, something else, something unstated, something my parents couldn't give me, something that was mine to find.

And my soulful HOWLS sounded like this..


Oh I sounded like a disgruntled wild thing and felt sorrowful and alone. But all of these HOWLS stayed in my belly, in my creative brain, and in my sorrowing heart. Yes, I was born sad and soulful with embodied HOWLS!

It wasn't until I started speaking out and raising my voice in HOWLS that I began to CALL like-minded souls to me! I wasn't alone. I hadn't been alone in my sorrowful journey seeking truth and meaning.

Oh contraire! 
This awesome universe is filled with companions for ME! And enough for YOU, YOU, and EVERYONE!

After I started releasing my HOWLS, giving these HOWLS permission to rumble in my belly BIG...
These BIG BELLY HOWLS moved...they roared...they jumped up...and I began growling HOWLS, dancing HOWLS, and the best thing ever?
FINDING MY HOWLS. The most awesome thing about HOWLING? Finding that you are not alone. There are other like-minded HOWLERS out there! (Art by Hallelujah Truth)

These HOWLS attracted others who felt they had belly HOWLS that wanted to be growled, grunted, and stamped! I began giving community HOWLS, which felt like a birthright. Oh we danced our HOWLS and HOWLED our HOWLS together. 

We HOWLERS felt enlivened. Our bodies found voice through HOWLING. We were not alone in our HOWLING experience. Perhaps everyone has a belly HOWL waiting to be heard, honored, danced, and shared...?

Do you want to BELLY HOWL?

But remember...Once a HOWLER, always a HOWLER!  And the best thing of all about howling and growling your belly HOWLS? If you listen really closely to your HOWLS, they begin to sound like an exclamation of praise!


That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me and tell me about your journey and experience with howls and hallelujahs!


  1. Sitting here waiting for a phone call so decided to browse more of the DCP postings and came across this blog. How did I miss it before or is it new...what is wonderful. I have always wondered how and now I know how you got your name HALLELUJAH TRUTH...You write such colorful and fun stories. I envy your enthusiasm and way with keep on howling my friend...I am always willing to howl with you when I can...

  2. Thank you fellow HOWLER! Howl-a-lu-jah-er! I am so glad we met and share HOWLS!

  3. aaah-woooo. Yip. Yip. That's my personal howl, borrowed from wolves howling at the moon. I first howled it in Rabun Gap, GA under a concrete bridge in the late 90's. A river surged by. A friend played an African talking drum accompaniment. Thanks for the reminder of such vocal freedom!

    1. Oh Cecelia! Yes to Yip Yip borrowed from the wolves! Yes to vocal freedom and all that the "YIP" connects us to!