Thursday, December 19, 2013

REVERB13 (DAY 19) Seeking, finding, and Hallelujahing peace and self-compasion

MY ROUTE TO PEACE AND SELF-COMPASSION? I am a pleasure seeking creative dancing yes in the flowing cycle of life! (art and photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for seeking, finding, and Hallelujahing PEACE and SELF-COMPASSION!

Today, I am combining two prompts from Kat McNally's REVERB13 (both Day #18 and Day #19): What brings you peace and self-compassion. How do you maintain these qualities in your life now and continue them in 2014?

First and foremost, I have found PEACE in my life by confronting, defining, and addressing my own personal needs with joyous and celebratory SELF-COMPASSION--hence my motto:  


Then magically and magnificently, my surrounding environment vibrates with my celebrating HALLELUJAHS! I have over the past five years cultivated a life-style of pleasure seeking and creating--in myself and those around me. The result? THE HAPPY HALLELUJAH HOUSEHOLD you see depicted below in my drawing.

THE HAPPY HALLELUJAH HOUSEHOLD. This drawing is the story of my self-LOVE and its traces. The dancing pleasure seeking creative is me, Hallelujah! Then Sapelo is the small cat next to me. We have entered into the culture of Sweet Sapelo. She is a small cat with a plaintive cry. Yet her meows are commanding, direct, and purely self-serving. I honor her desires and learn from her clear dictating meows. Then there is our bipedal cat, Tao, who appears to always be dancing and smiling when he isn't sleeping luxuriously. It is shear pleasure to watch him inhabit his body. He knows what brings him satisfaction. At the bottom of this drawing is my beloved Chiboogamoo (aka Tony Martin) who begins each day with laughter even before leaving our bed. He drinks from an exilir of curiosity, kindness, and joy. Each day, he creates something through his writing and drawing. Each day, he serves me coffee or a smile because he likes to make me happy. Chiboogamoo knows that I am a pleasure seeking creative, and he dances with me because he is one too! The dinosaur tracks and nest represent the past hunting we did to bring ourselves to this happy nest we now inhabit! (art by Hallelujah Truth)
In 2014, I plan of serving my own needs first, dancing and hallelujahing in the flowing center of the cycle of life because it is a direct path of PEACE and GRACE--the opposite of stress. It is only then that I can serve others and with the most profound love of all--that of HALLELUJAH TRUTH, pure me!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what brings you peace and self compassion. How do you maintain these jewels of the soul?