Thursday, December 5, 2013

REVERB13 (Day 5): Risk and outcomes

MOTHER OF THE NOW. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)

Hallelujah for you dear fellow pilgrim and your witnessing my journey by visiting Coffee with Hallelujah! "Courageous and Soulful Joy" is my motto! Today, I am responding to Kat McNally's #Reverb13 (Day 5) prompt

What risk did you take in 2013 and what was the outcome?

It is with courage that I answer the first part of the question in this way:


Resloved to release the past
Investigated new ways of being
Said "YES" more frequently
Knowingly left the planet of familiarity

and...what has been the outcome for me?...

In 2013, I said YES to MOVEMENT and set off on a delightful JOURNEY of DANCE. I went from someone who had done little or no dancing in my entire life to moving with the Dancing Flowers for Peace, attending Dance Church, going to Five Rhythms, and discovering and attending InterPlay. I have become a physically moving dynamo!

The playful physical movement I have engaged in during 2013 has catapulted me into the mental and emotional change I was seeking. I left my routine job of teaching English as a second language, one that I had done for 20 years. I took leave of other groups that had deepened my artistic interests. I set sail on the high seas of the unknown (taking the Albuquerque Option). I took RISKS and have many unanswered questions: 

Where am I going to find meaningful employment?
What is my new identity?
Can I earn enough money to meet my financial needs?
How am I going to INVENT A NEW WAY OF BEING?

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what risk have you taken in 2013. What was the outcome?

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I want to thank all the tremendous people in my life who have given me the support to take these risks in 2013. Thank you Karen Tucker, the director at the Language Institute, who has supported me in the change I needed to make in order to keep creating and stay enlivened. Thanks to Lesly Fredman, my creativity coach extraordinaire, for being an intuitive listener and guiding me to the next level of adventure in my life. Great appreciation goes to my dear, dear Chiboogamoo, who supports me in these imaginative leaps because of his tremendous courage. And, finally, I want to thank all the people who are the magic makers in my life--you know who you are!


  1. I love the outcome of your "risk" taking this year. Yea for you!

    1. Thanks for being in the cheering section Darlene.

  2. LOVE the post and so excited to see where your journey takes you!!!

  3. Courageous, soulful joy. I love it!

  4. Journey of Dance? Sign me up! :)

    You're totally inspiring me to take risks like yours in 2014. Thanks for sharing your story as part of Reverb.